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Halloween Party!

Happy Halloween, guys!

I wasted my time for attended this party held by The Fidele (1story) in my town over here. 

there were electronic + chiptune musics, performers from Balikpapan-Banjarmasin-Samarinda (towns around East-Borneo) and the peeps were very beyond awesome! and, we have to wear rabbit mask and the dress code was also crazy. so amazing.


the performers..

before you see the previous photos, here was me..

so, find me in the crowded of peeps..


and well, I'm getting kinda confused with this guys.. o_O

man, these were awesome, no doubt. unfortunately I went home early because my dad wasn't allowing me to be in party until morn. I was home at 12 am and directly asleep. O-M-G I was sweating a lot and danced like mad. the atmosphere was going hot and hot but rainy outside the building. oh, please, I just can't stop loving it!

how's your Halloween party, dude? I bet it was also amazing!

(photos by : Freyke Kosakoy - Donald Valentino - Nikko Perdana - Febryan Yovi)



ICT Assignment #17 : Book and The Words!


in view of the sudden homework from ICT lessons, I have to post some pictures along with descriptions to 5 days ahead. pictures don't have a theme, so you will enjoy some random of the story as it relates to my recently life.

well, you can read the words written in the book.

Have you? okay. I took this picture when I'm put some photos into my bedroom wall, cause there's nothing to be done. so I love taking fun photos around, happened to the contents of the cover of this book is very deep. especially for me, as a student.

This book was actually my school notebooks. my little place of escape, where I write the homework and the graffiti. I also like to write my life's plans, and awkward things. I really love this book, so this book should end it time with things that were increasingly important, as I scratch.

those words really show a very sharp distinction, where there is a diligent and lazy students. When the first time I read this, I literally laughed out loud cause seems very offensive to me. but I realized that I don't need to staying bad, I need a change. every students that ever read this have to change, whoever you are, guys. you must know what I mean.

so, can you assume which one of those words are represent yourself? LOL think a lot about this.



Much Love Monday #5

is this also included? I recall, lovely Anne just allows for photos not a doodle. I never hunt some photos again since exam catches me tight for the last over a week. I kinda miss my daily routines in my list, those are blogging and arts.

so, I love : my currently life.

my life is getting better each day. I keep trying to forget my past, people and all worse things just go to recycle bin of mind. I love my life, right now. thanks peeps, you make all my day.

ps: exam is getting over. can't wait to see the report!



Positive, and be happy!

It's been a week I do not touch my little place of escape again. I miss you guys..

 well, everything's going good. I've passed my periods of labile a teenager, which sometimes I keep crying over life and remembering all of my bad actions, even something that doesn't need to thought about. become more mature is one very significant stage in my life, as if everything has changed, so did the way I look at everything that looks bad. positive thinking is very enjoyable, especially when I've just faced with the mockery and ridicule that are painful liver. yes, that's life.

everything cannot be separated from the wheel of life, where we are placed in good times as well as sorrow. in fact everything will return to us again, we want all go well or instead we choose to hurt and torture ourselves. I sometimes think that people who are always lamenting the bad luck is one who has tried to impose themselves into the abyss of evil. so pathetic.

life to be enjoyed, although sometimes we feel very weak and useless. surround your life with all things positive, where you will see something that has hurt you become filled with chocolate Tiramisu. make all that had passed as a life experience. when you keep thinking and cry over it all, in fact you have made yourselves a terrible blow, in the long term. life is not for the reflection. life is the way in which we will carve and finish off the God-given life with a variety of beautiful things.
I was very fortunate to have lived like this. One day I saw my bad memories of the past, and begin to think, that God never gives a bad way (if we really want to be in the pleasures of life). such a beautiful life that God gives me today, breath, people who love me, people who hate me, they are the most beautiful gift to carve out a bitter-sweet journey of life, to more mature thinking and continues to view things positively.

one thing we need to remember. Be yourself and love your life. keep grateful for everything that has happened in ourselves. make the experience of adverse events, and continues to do on a beautiful event. surround your life with a positive aura. if you start feeling tired to live your life, get a way to find a solution. that way each of you, I'm sure we can.
 have a nice life!


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